(ISSN: 2582-1601)

Volume 5 Issue 11

1.    Challenges In Youth And Adult Education (YAE) At Instituto Federal Baiano: The Perspective Of Its Employees
Michele Sena da Silva || Antonio Amorim
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2.    Existential drama and man-God’s Passion in mystery plays
Nicola Seminaroti || Giacinto Bagetta
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3.    A Trilingual Glossary of English-French-Igbo Automobile Terms
Nkechinyere B. Ohaike || Kate N.N. Ndukauba
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4.    Response time differences in the aesthetic judgment of individuals on beautiful and ugly images
Mr. Sunny Bairisal || Mr. Abhijeet Kujur || Dr. Jyoti Kumar
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5.    The Morphological Differences of Siswati and IsiZulu Class Prefixes
Dr J.J Thwala
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6.    An Explication of Personal Names in Siswati Society of Msholozi Settlement: An Anthroponomastic Approach
Jozi Joseph Thwala || Jabulani Joshua Mayisela
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7.    Hidden Curriculum: Lesson Learnt Through Schooling
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8.    Women and Armed Conflict in Uganda
Helen Kezie-Nwoha || Uchenna Emelonye
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9.    Transformational Leadership of School Administrators in the Private Schools under the Office of Private Education Narathiwat Province, Thailand
Tanapon Jangsiri || Dr. Charas Atiwithayaporn || Dr. Niran Chullasap
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10.    Factors Affecting Heavy Drinking Of Vocational Students in Northeast Thailand
Montira Juntavaree || Peyanut Juntavaree
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11.    Do They Receive the Same Treatment? Employment Terms and Conditions for Elderly Techers in Sri Lanka
L A Pavithra Madhuwanthi
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