(ISSN: 2582-1601)

Volume 4 Issue 8

1.    Effect of Self-Assessment on Academic Performance of Secondary School Students in Rivers State of Nigeria
Dorothy Chikaodi Inko-Tariah PhD
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2.    Attitudes of Primary School In-Service Undergraduate Student Teachers towards Educational Psychology in Zimbabwe
Tinashe F. Mavezera || Christina Gwirayi || Moses Kufakunesu
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3.    The Customary Law and Cultural Practices of the Mahlalela Lineage
J J Thwala
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4.    An Analysis of Implicit and Explicit Imagery in Selected Swazi Clan Praises: An Anthroponymic Approach
J J Thwala || M A Twala
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5.    Ideological and Aesthetic Standards of Greek Open-Air Sculpture: Three Emblematic Statues of Thessaloniki
Markella-Elpida Tsichla
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6.    Assessment of Role of School Managers in Executing Mechanisms for Enforcement of Child Rights of Primary School Pupils in Kebbi State, Nigeria
Sani Dantani MANAGA, Ph.D
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7.    Assesment of Stakeholdhers Views on Use of Arms by School Security Guards in Kebbi State: Role of School Manager as Policy Advocates
Sani Dantani MANGA, Ph. D
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8.    The Adoption of South Africa’s constitutionally-Mandated Indigenous Languages as Languages of Learning and Teaching (Lolt): A Multilingualism Approach
Jozi Joseph Thwala
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9.    The Socio-Cultural Functions of Siswati Customary Marriage
Dr J.J Thwala
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