(ISSN: 2582-1601)

Volume 6 Issue 4

1.    The Impact of Decentralisation on Education in India After 1976
B. Padma || Dr. T. Johnson Sampathkumar
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2.    The Collateral Consequences of Wrongful Conviction
Angelie Alviar
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3.    Self-Realization in Modern American Drama: A Comparative Study of A. Miller’s The Crucible and L. Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun
Abdelkrim AOUL
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4.    Effective School Leadership: School Staff And Parent Perceptions
George Padilla || Federico Guerra || Roberto Zamora
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5.    Trade A Problem Based Edutainment: The Effect Of Numerical Ability In Indonesia Students'
Mujib, Y.L. || Sukestiyarno || Hardi Suyetno || Iwan Junaedi || Suherman
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6.    Morphosyntactic Analysis of Some Akan Personal Names
Charles Owu-Ewie, PhD || Miss patience Obeng || Dr. Christiana Hammond
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7.    Early Intervention On Receptive And Expressive Language Development Among Children With Hearing Impairment In Rivers State
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8.    The African Woman in America: Identity and Transformation in Novels of Chimamanda, Bulawayo and Baingana
Catherine Nyawira Mwai || Jackson Gikunda Njogu, PhD
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