(ISSN: 2582-1601)

Volume 5 Issue 9

1.    “Underlying Health Conditions Two” Revisiting The Analyses Of Underlying Health Conditions Among Minorities’ Children In Southwest Houston, Texas And The Roles Parents Play To Complicate The Inabilities To Control Them
Dr. Catherine W. Kisavi-Atatah (Ph.D.) || Dr. Park E. Atatah (Ph.D.), || Dr.Angela Branch-Vital (Ph.D.)
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2.    Critical Insights On Race Relations In Film Assessing Bringing Down The House
Frederick Gooding, Jr. || Mark Beeman || Marta Soledad Serpas Guardado
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3.    Child Abuse and Its Effects on National Development: A Case Study of Maiduguri Metropolis
Salama Sajo
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4.    Art And Print Culture In Brazil’s 2018 Elections: Spaces Of Democracy In The Age Of Media Politics
Mayumi Ilari
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5.    Factors Affecting India’s Balance of Payment
Mr. Mohd Sami Athar || Miss Shruti Mishra
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6.    Association between Anthropometry, Physical Activities and Pulmonary Function of the Teenagers
Myo Aung || Professor Myint Htay || Dr Tun Nay Oo
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7.    Extrajudicial Dispute Resolution In Venetian-Held-Corfu In The 18th Century
Spyridoula Mouratidi
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8.    Post Arab Uprising–Where Are The Voices Of Women In Tunisia In 2020?
Ashraf Booley
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9.    The Socio-Cultural and Sociolinguistics Domains of Siswati Colloquial Language
J J Thwala || K J Nkuna
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10.    The Symbolic and Character Portrayal Study in Two IsiZulu Plays: Uqomisa Mina Nje Uqomisa Iliba and Izulu Eladuma Esandlwana
Dr J.J Thwala
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11.    Age and Gender Attitude toward Using Mobile Applications in Learning English Vocabulary
Dr. Talal Ali Abozandah
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12.    Managing The Visual Impairment And Global State Of Affairs :Policies, And Concerns
Dr Sameer Babu M
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