Volume 2 Issue 6 (July 2017)

1.    Ambedkar and The Dalit Buddhist Movement in India (1950-2000)
Dr. Shaji. A
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2.    Misogyny in the Lyrics of Billboard’s Top Rap Airplay Artists
Justine Quek Kia Ling, Genevieve F. Dipolog-Ubanan
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3.    My tomato sauce is better than yours: a culinary trial
Manuela Simoni, Gianna Fantuzzi, Eric Adriano Zizzi, Daria Vellani and Daniele Santi
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4.    Jamal Al-Bana’s Approach to Studying the Qur’anic Text and Its Effects on Islamic Legal Rulings: A Critical Analytical Study
Dr. Habeebullah Zakariyah
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