Volume 2 Issue 8 (September 2017)

1.    The use of Textbook Illustrations in the Teaching of Reading Comprehension: a study of Secondary Schools in Kathiani District- Kenya
Ann Ndinda John, Prof. P.L. Barasa, Dr. CarolyneOmulando
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2.    Africa, Depletable Natural Resources and the Rights of Future Generations
Temidayo David OLADIPO
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3.    Distance Learner Needs, Characteristics, and Motivations: A Literature Review
Seda Khadimally
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4.    Titillating Adolescents at School: Secondary School Mathematics Teachers’ Views on How to Motivate Adolescent Learners in Zimbabwe
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5.    English Lingua Franca Materials and Learning Vocabulary
Mohammad EbrahimMoghaddasi
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