Volume 3 Issue 5 (July 2018)

1.    Crisis and Challenges Encounter By African Union When Achieving Regional Integration
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2.    Henrique Oswald: a Brazilian Foreigner in Brazil–Comments on a Gap in the History of Brazilian Classical Music
Marcelo Henrique Coutinho, João Vicente Ganzarolli de Oliveira
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3.    Management Power, Free Cash Flow and Corporate Diversification
Yu Tuanye PHD, Chen Chucan, SHI KAILIN
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4.    Difficulties of Tunisian SVT teachers in the implementation of problem-situations
Fethi Hichri
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5.    Film dubbing and the Impact of English to Persian Translation on Communicative preferences
Sholeh Kolahi, Ahmad LiaghatiNasseri
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Review Paper

6.    A People's History of India, Vol.-36, “Man and Environment : The Ecological History of India”. By Irfan Habib. Aligarh Historians Society, Tulika Books, New Delhi, ISBN: 978-93-82381-63-1, 2015 (Fourth Edition). pp. 161, Rs. 340, Paperback.
Tapas Debnath
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