Volume 3 Issue 9 (December 2018)

1.    Exploring the acquisition of English participles by learners of Native speakers of Mandarin Chinese
Huei-Ju Shih
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2.    Lula’s PT Brazilian Workers PartyDecline:a Guide for Foreigners
Jacques A. Wainberg || Fernando S. Antunes Jr.|| Martina Jung || Manuel Petrik || Paulo Boa Nova || Ângelo Arlindo Carnieletto Muller || Luciana B. Gomes || Mariana Oselame
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3.    Perceptions of Cheating on In Person and Online Mathematics Examinations
Carla van de Sande || Xuetao Lu
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4.    Sociology of Science and Problem of Method in Weber
Olcay TĠRE || Murat Cem DEMĠR
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