(ISSN: 2582-1601)

Volume 4 Issue 10

1.    Wearing Hijab as a New Religious Identity for Women Muslim Convert
Assoc. Prof. Dr Suraya Sintang || Assoc. Prof. Dr. Khadijah || Mohd. Khambali@Hambali
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2.    Analysis of accounting application at Micro Small and Medium Enterprises in Manado City
Treesje Lusje Runtuwene || Opa Mustopa || Agustinus Lumettu
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3.    Challenges of Underdevelopment in Nigeria: The Tiv Experience
Luther Anum Timin
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4.    International Criminal Court and its Tryst with Justice: The case of Myanmar
Regan Ahmed
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5.    A Qualitative Study on the Working Attitude and Social Skills of the Post 90s in the Workplace in Hong Kong
Jane Chan
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6.    Inter-group relation and stress: a preliminary discussion
Habibah Artini Ramlie || Romzi Ationg || Easter Jawing
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7.    Correlations between inter group relations and the emergence of stress among farm workers in the rural areas of sabah, malaysia
Romzi Ationg || Habibah Artini Ramlie || Mohd. Azri Ibrahim || Mohd Sohaimi Esa || Anna Lynn Abu Bakar
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8.    In The Country of Deceit: Shashidesh Pande’s Anatomy of Social Fabric
Feroj Alam
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9.    Munda Tribes- Traditional Practices And Local Governance
Shivangi Tyagi
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10.    Emotive Lexicons and Illocutionary Acts: Case of Tragic Circumstances
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