(ISSN: 2582-1601)

Volume 6 Issue 2

1.    ‘Disconnecting a Time Bomb’: Solutions to Youth Unemployment and their Struggle for Sustainable Livelihoods in Bulawayo,Zimbabwe.
Mathe Bakani || Mungure Abel || Ncube Siyema
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2.    Factors That Affect The Performance Of Employees Of The Population And Civil Registration Office Of Solok City
Elsyiri Nosa Maidaryanti || Jaziarni Rusti || Wisni Eka Putri || Wisma Veronika
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3.    Ingroup Glorification and Attachment, Cognitive Ambivalence towards, and Negative Action Tendencies against, Outgroups
Sandro Costarelli
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4.    Effectiveness of Conflict Resolution Strategies among Rural Farmers and Herdsmen in Ogbomoso and Oyo Agricultural Zones of Oyo State
Kuponiyi F.A || Ayoade A.R || Hammed O.R || Adewole W.A
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