(ISSN: 2582-1601)

Volume 6 Issue 5

1.    The Flute: A Pensive Music of the Heart
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2.    Utilizing Reading Strategies: Its Implications for the Effective Teaching of Reading
Floresa Occeña Albia || Ramir Philip Jones V. Sonsona
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3.    Employability Skills, Personal Attributes, Cultural Adaptation, and Economic Mobility of Medical Technologist in Taif Saudi Arabia Based Medical Laboratory
Mary Hayley L. Ramirez, MSc,M-ASCP, AMT || Dean Susana Cabria Bautista,PHD
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4.    Express Or Suppress: School Administrators’ understanding Of Campus Journalists’ freedom Of Expression
Ariel R. Valeza || Pedrito Jose V. Bermudo || Antonio R. Yango
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5.    Socio-cultural barriers to policewomen in Afghanistan
Prof. Mujtaba Arify
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6.    An In Vitro Analysis of Combination Therapy on Colistin, With Minocyline, Rifampicin, Teicoplanin, and Trimethoprim/Sulfa, Against Extensive Drug Resistant Strains Of Acinetobacter Baumanii (Xrdab) Using E-Test/Gradient Testing
Mary Hayley L. Ramirez
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7.    Indigenous Religious and Cultural Reforms in North East India
Soihiamlung Dangmei
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8.    Rethinking Indigenous Language As A Tool For Educational And Knowledge Transmission In Africa
Augustine Nduka Eneanya (Ph.D)
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