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Volume 6 Issue 7

1.    Who Are You And Who Am I? An Autoethnographic Study on How Mirror Neurons Guide the Artwork in a Collaborating Art Project
Margaretha Häggström || Malena Walin || Charlotta Gavelin
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2.    Process-oriented people management in Organizational results
Maria Luiza Amorim || Vlamir Faria Barriento || Regis Eugenio dos Santos
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3.    US Contribution in Russia-Georgian War of August 2008 Based On the Private Correspondence and Relations between the Presidents
Omar Tsereteli
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4.    An Appraisal of Social Media Use among PR Practitioners in Rivers State: A Synopsis
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5.    Secret Negotiations between Hungarian, German (Bavarian) and Austrian Radical Right-Wing Politicians and Paramilitary Organisations after the Great War, 1919–1921. An Outline of the Idea of the White Internationale
Balázs Kántás
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6.    Re-defining the Grotesque: Unprivileged Strength in Emma Tennant’s and A. L. Kennedy’s Novels
Lin, Hsin-Ying (Alice)
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7.    Development of Unconventional Pedagogies: Integrating Mathematical Narrative in Upper Primary Grade Mathematics Education
Jyoti Raina || Sakshi Kabra
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8.    Naga Movement and Conflict Situation in North East India
Soihiamlung Dangmei
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9.    A Study of the Aspects of Community Capacity, Principles of Democracy, And Civil Supervision in the Context of Community Policing
Mohammad Kemal Dermawan
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10.    Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Urban Expansion and Land Use,Land Cover Change in Katsina-Ala Town, Benue State-Nigeria
Daniel Peverga Dam || Williams Terseer Hundu || Godwin M. Kwanga || Peter Terngu Anule
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11.    Power and Gender Relations in Post-Apartheid South Africa as Reflected in J. M. Coetzee’s Disgrace
Belachew Weldegebriel (Assistant Professor)
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12.    Critical Insights in the Practice of Literacy Development: Perspectives from Oral Expressions and Writing Skills from Final Year Students in a Department Of English in Cameroon
Dr. Azane, Abimnui Charles
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