(ISSN: 2582-1601)

Volume 7 Issue 1

1.    The Concept Of Multidisciplinarity In The System Of Helping Professions In The Context Of Undergraduate Education Of A Social Worker And A Special Pedagogue
Desirée García Mesa
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2.    Gamification: Another Perspective Of Pedagogy
Belén || Escalante de Trías
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3.    An Evaluation of Cooperative Learning Qualities and Its Impact on Classroom Assessment of Some Teacher Training Colleges in Cameroon: A Qualititative Perspective
Einstein Moses EGEBE ANYI (Professor) || Yvette NYAKE MAKOGE || LULU John BILLA
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4.    Post World War Two Changes and Ethnic Politics in the Nso Native Area of the Bamenda Grassland of Cameroon, the NsoNoni Experience, 1939-1961
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5.    The Essence of Existence and the Quest for Survival in the Poetry of Dennis Brutus
Acho Lesley Lem (PhD)
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6.    Multidisciplinary Approach in the Field of Helping Professions
Ana Eslava Lahoz
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7.    State Of Affairs In Early Childhood Development: Are We Getting There? A Case of Bulilima District Schools
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8.    Working together in the helping professions
Aitana González Aransay
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9.    Henry James’s Ideal Culture in The Portrait of a Lady
Peng Yamin || Ji Lingzhu
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10.    Teaching and Learning of the Mother Tongue Siswati as a First and Second Language: A Comparative Study
Portia P. Mkhonta-Khoza || Musa S. Nxumalo || Celiwe C. Mohammed
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11.    Literature and the Postcolonial Context: A Postcolonial Appraisal of J.M Coetzee’s Disgrace, Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things and Rohinton Mistry’s A Fine Balance
Germaine A. Ajeagah
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