(ISSN: 2582-1601)

Volume 7 Issue 7

1.    Curbing Political Violence ThroughHumancentric Dialogue
Bonaventure B. Gubazire
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2.    The use of innovative technologies for the development of speech activity of primary school students in the New Ukrainian School
Marianna Ostrovska
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3.    The National Produce Marketing Board (NPMB): An Historical Appraisal of its Origins and Mission
Paul Ninjoh Mbusheko || Canute A. Ngwa || Joseph Nfi Lon
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4.    Vestiges of Slavery in the Ndop Plain of the Bamenda Grass field of Cameroon
Scholastica Bermbuh || Richard Talla Tanto || Protus Mbeum Tem
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5.    The Langgar Temple As A Symbol Of A Holy Place For Awakening Awareness In Religious Moderation
I Ketut Sumada
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6.    Political Imaginings, State and Territoriality in Manipur
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7.    Water in the Life of the People of Bosnia And Herzegovina
Ahmet Hadrovic
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8.    Medical Care in the Management of the Lake Nyos Gas Disaster Of 1986
Celine Dada Ngwang || Richard Tantoh Talla || Michael Kpughe Lang
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9.    Is Bitcoin a Blessing or a Curse?
Kenneth Fan
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