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Volume 8 Issue 11

1.    "Phenomenological Strategy of the Venn diagram To Enhance Engagement And Organizational Loyalty Levels At Anáhuac University, Puebla"
Miguel Ángel Saínos Mendieta || Dulce María Judith Pérez Torres || Jesús Federico Herrera Ibarra || Luis Erick Coy Aceves
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2.    Cash Accounting System Model Design for Cash Control and Management at Yopes Home Stay in Manado
Esrie Limpeleh || Revleen Kaparang || Hedy D. Rumambi || Fitri Konsa || Lusye Kumaat || Antonius Tandi
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3.    Analysis of Product Cost Calculations Based On the Joint Cost Method in the Framework of Profit Planning For Furniture Msmes in Leilem Village
Anie V. Mundung || Ismail Mokodompit || Sonya Rumondor || Sintje P Alouw
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4.    Sadness Representation in Indonesian Proverbs: Cognitive Structures and Metaphorical Expressions
Danang Satria Nugraha
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5.    “Le melting pot” zaïlachi dans « Une femme, une mère »de E.A. El Maleh
YAJJOU Mounir || GHOUATI Sanae
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6.    Teenage Pregnancy And The Culture Of Silence On Sexuality In Ghana: Some Ethical And Educational Considerations
Bonaventure B. Gubazire (PhD) || Pauleson Utsu || Yvonne P. Adizmah
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7.    About the graphic and dialectal features in Udmurt dictionaries in the 18th century
J.V. Normanskaja
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8.    The Perception of First Year Non-Major English Students at Dong A University towards the Use of Debate in Improving English-Speaking Skill
Bich Dieu Nguyen || Thi Anh Nguyen
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9.    An Investigation into Errors in Pronouncing Some EnglishFinal Consonant Sounds Made By Third-Graders at Tran Cao Van Primary School, Da Nang City
Nguyen Bich Dieu || Tran Thuy An
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10.    Public opinion on natural ecological environment issues in the context of the Western Development of China
Luo Zukui
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