(ISSN: 2582-1601)

Volume 9 Issue 3

1.    Research on the relationship between interesting design element codes and psychological aspects of children's food packaging
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2.    Generic Concept of Marketing and The Implications for Marketing Research
Selin Germirli
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3.    A Study on Traditional Chinese Geometric Patterns Based on Morris Semiotics: A Case Study of Turtle Back Patterns
zhaowen li || Choi Albert Young
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4.    Semantic changes in the speech of migrants: what has changed in the Estonian dialect in the North Caucasus during over 200 years
Normanskaja Julia || Dogadushkin Denis
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5.    Role of NCC and NSS as an Effective Tool For Nation Building- A Review
Sabeena Nabi || Shakir Ahmad Mir || Raja Basit
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6.    Exploring Effects of Board Game on ESL Learners’ Mastery of Preposition of Direction and Movement in a National type primary school in Klang
Faez bin Hasaban || Dr. Nur Ehsan Mohd Said
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7.    How do thought-cognitive models drive entrepreneurship for the purpose of promoting social development or social impact?
Pei Lyu
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8.    Navigating Securitization and Individual Faith: Imam Khalid Benhaddou's Approach to Islam in Secular Belgium
Dr. Hamza Bekkaoui
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9.    Incorporating VARK Approach in Primary ESL Learning: Impact of Digitalized Game-Based Learning on Remedial ESL Learners
Kanageswary Naidu Ramasamy Naidu || Nur Ehsan Mohd Said
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