(ISSN: 2582-1601)

Volume 8 Issue 10

1.    Interpersonal Interfaces as the Creative Learning Environment for Pre-University Students to Fit Their Interests in Higher Learning: Case Studies across the Perspectives of Popular Students
Channesh, T.S. || Krupa R. Dev || Keerthan Kumar, M
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2.    “Art, Hyperrealism and Politics: the Phenomenological Perception of Cultural Management in the City of Puebla”
Carmenmary Villegas Bernal || Jesús Federico Ibarra Herrera || Carlos Borrego Nuñez || Luis Erik Estrada Coy Aceves || Angel Roger Bercherd García Solano || Cesar Mendoza Fernández || Luis Andres Guerrero Chiwo López || Jesus Enrique Rosano Caro || Elizabeth Herrera Cano
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3.    Northern Rio Grande archaic petroglyphs, beyond entoptic
Robin Gay Wakeland
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4.    Feeling Blue: Examining the Sadness in the English Proverbs
Danang Satria Nugraha
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4.    Building Positive Character, Protecting Negative Effect Environmental and Teaching Wisdom Local Culture by Full Day School to Rural Area Students
Dr. Ahmad Nasihin, S.Pd.I, M.Pd
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5.    Financial Report Design Based On Sak Emkm Based On Microsoft Visual Basic For Applications (Vba) On Miracle Airmadidi Msme
Merry Sael || Kennedy Y. Tambengi || Opa Mustopa || Ivoletti Walukow || Alpindos Toweula
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6.    Profit Planning To Increase Revenue Of “X” Barbershop In Airmadidi, Utara Minahasa District
Treesje L. Runtuwene || Treesje A.C. Langi || Grace Ropa || Anneke Kaunang || Jegiftha V.P.P. Lumettu || Rudy Wowiling
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7.    Encourage the Students to Speak English through Mixed Conversation Techniques in Semester 2 Tourism Department Manado State Polytechnic
Agustinus Lumettu || Silvana Wewengkang || Jemmy Pangemanan || Dianne O.Rondonuwu || Jegiftha V.P.P. Lumettu || Treesje L. Runtuwene
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8.    Research-based Instructional Materials in Science
Jeffrey M. Caberte
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9.    Effects of Positive Reinforcement by Token Economy on In-class Responsibility Behavior Development of Pre-service Teachers
Parichart Prasertsang || Wannatida Yonwilad || Panadda Sangsrikaew
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10.    Burnout and Psychological Well-Being among Public School Teachers
Nurfatihah Razali || Mohammad Saipol Mohd Sukor
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